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Day 24 & 25

From Barrie I headed to Niagara Falls, it was only 2 hours away and the morning was supposed to be clear of rain!  I first stopped by downtown and was a little confused as it was really dead.  It was a Sunday but I wasn't expecting that.  I stopped for breakfast and  started walking towards the falls.  When I realized how much further down they were I turned around and drove down to the tourist spot.  The falls were amazing but the area was just that a tourist trap, with three casinos and not much else but restaurants.  I was disappointed I was planning on zip lining there but realized you don't zip line across the falls but along it, so I skipped that venture.

The area was calling for rain in the afternoon so I tried to get out of there before that rolled in... I didn't make it.  I headed to grand bend and stopped at Grand Bend Sports Parachuting Center before checking in to my hotel.  I talked to Bob and we maybe able to schedule a jump tomorrow morning! 

Made my jump around 1:30, it was SO much better than I remembered! After the jump I headed back to MI ending the trip with just over 8,000 miles.

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