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Days 2 - 4

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The second day of the trip was pretty uneventful. After getting caught in a down pour the day before I checked the radar to see if anything was in my path. It was supposed to rain in Nashville but not until 1:00 p.m. so I was good. I finally got to use my cooking set. I was surprised I was only able to use one fuel tab to heat up my water for oatmeal. I was trying to heat water for my breakfast and coffee. I may need to rethink that system. The oatmeal was very watery and wasn't that great but filled me up. I was surprised at how good the folders instant coffee was though. I was able to eat and drink my coffee while packing up all of my gear. Getting ready to go I put my riding glasses on and noticed they seemed dirty.

I don't what or how it happened put it was like there was pitting on them and I could not clean them off. So, I ended up stopping at Boswell Harley in Nashville to pick up a new pair. As I was coming into town the sky looked awfully angry. I asked what time the rain was supposed come in. One of the young ladies checked and the time had moved up to 11:00. I quickly went out to put my rain cover over my hiking bag so it wouldn't get wet in case the skies decided to open up while I was leaving.

As I was leaving town it became very hazy, I got out of there right in time to miss the storm.

While I was driving I got very bored. Looking at Roadtrippers there wasn't anything close to my route that I was interested in stopping to see. This made for a long day of interstate. But got me thinking I really do prefer sightseeing rides to just laying out the miles.

I arrived at the Granite City KOA campsite around 4:45 p.m. I set up camp before meeting a Rebecca and her wife Erika for dinner at Ravanellis.

The next day I was scheduled to meet with LA and thier wife Brenda in Kansas City. I take another stab at cooking my breakfast oatmeal and coffee.. today I use the lid and it worked great. Still had to use two tabs when I blew it out after I was done it crystallized. Pretty interesting and cool.

LA and Brenda have graciously offered to let me to stay with them for the night. I didn't want to arrive too early so I stopped in St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch. By 9:00 a.m. it was already getting pretty toasty out. I went through the park and took a few shots and went on my way. I made a stop at Gateway Harley Davidson and picked up a new shirt.

I didn't want a repeat of yesterday being bored on the interstate. So, looking at Roadtrippers there was a boathenge somewhat along my route. I decided to take the back way. That lasted for 5 red lights and that ended the scenic route. When I got off the interstate to go see this attraction it was a nice winding country road before turning into gravel. I get to the location and all I see is 3 mailboxes. I decide to end my exploration and head to my intended destination. I get to LA's house at 4:40 p.m. and I am welcomed to an open garage to park my bike next to theirs. I got to meet their dog Cash the biggest baby ever. As I neglected lunch, we ate and then LA gave me a tour of Kansas City in the convertible. It was so nice see the town with someone so knowledgeable. LA stopped at a few places so I could take some photographs. while we talked and got to know one another. Back to the house was a nice shower and then dip in the pool. Another shower (I am so water logged at this point) and bed.

The next morning we all had an early start. I woke by 5:30 and the rest of the house was up by 6:00. Me and LA took the bikes out to complete a photo shoot at the Bottoms for my project. I am so thankful for their kindness and willingness to be apart of this.

LA had to head to work so we headed back and I loaded up Jack once again and headed further towards Laramie. Looking at the temperature there I as hoping my ride would get cooler the further west I went. While riding on I 80 doing 75-80 mph I felt a burning on the right side of my ribs. Like some one had flicked an ash out of their car and it got caught in my vest. I start patting the area to see if I can get it to stop but it only gets worse. I pull over at a truck parking area (what is up with those?) I lift up my shirt to see what the hell is going on and see I was stung by something. It really burns though. Probably a bee.

I get some water and back on the rode for a bug to splatter on my glasses lol. By now I'm taking the signs in as I am getting road weary already due to the heat. After 6 1/2 hours of riding in 97 degree temperatures I decide to call it a day in Lexington, NE. 330 more miles to go.

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