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     In my classroom, I desire to challenge, engage, and inspire growth in my students and all aspects of their lives.  As a non-traditional student going through school, I realized I wanted more from my classes.  My mission is to bring various teaching methods to the classroom so all students may interact and engage with the material.  I wish to inspire my students to push themselves to improve every day, in and out of the classroom.  Not only will I encourage my students to reach their full potential, but I will continue to do the same, researching and learning new and innovative ways to teach and inspire these young minds.

     I know today we are often over-saturated with information and screens.  I wish to get my students out of these screens, opening their horizons further and enabling them to think more critically and understand that there are more resources available than on the screens in their hands.  At the same time, finding a balance is important to allow students to realize what an immense tool they have at their fingertips. Utilizing PowerPoint presentations, videos, podcasts, and various other resources related to the material ensures that all learning styles are encompassed.  The repetition of information will also allow for optimum retention and understanding of the information.

      Just as I hold myself to a high standard and strive to be better, I also expect this from my students.  It is only through hard work that we improve; nothing is given.  Though each student has their own potential, it is my job to help my students achieve their maximum aptitude, if a student is struggling, we must find other ways and resources to help them through whatever barrier they may encounter.

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