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Uncle Sam

This image depicts how through training and programing we become machines. The issues that are etched on the skull make us fragile but does not change the programming.


Under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell upon enlisting all service members had to sign a statement of understanding of what homosexual conduct was and that one could be discharged for engaging in these actions. This image shows how signing that immediately splits a person in two, creating a double life for the service member.

Sexual Assault
Sexual Harassment

Problems with communication

social Anxiety

The less common discussed mental health issues that occur from these tours are occupational and social functioning.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Many service members miss holidays, birthdays, sometimes their childrens birth. Coming home to a family unit that do not or no longer recognize them.

Zero Balance

A study conducted by John Newby in 2005, surveyed 951 army soldiers who had deployed to a peacekeeping mission to Bosnia. 3.2% reported lost or mismanaged money (4.4% were married 1.6% were not)


Along with mismanaging money there are times when service members come home to an emptied out house. With no laws to protect them or help them in the emotionally or monetarily.


Studies that have been conducted within the last decade by Cohorts that show combat deployments affect the physical, psychological, and social health of service members. 17.4% were diagnosed with depression this was found to be a significant increase compared to civilians in the same demographic.

Substance Abuse

The less commonly discussed mental health issues that occur from these tours are substance abuse.

Demons of PTSD

This Image depicts what it feels like to live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Even though the subject can have a normal life the Ghosts of memories still haunts and lingers. In order to over come this one must face the demons to get to the exit.

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