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Day 11

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Stayed at Fort Bragg, CA went to see the Sea Glass Beach. It broke my heart.  Some of the photos I have not posted are the trash that we leave on these beautiful natural sites that we have.  At one point the Sea Glass Beach was full of beautiful sea glass on the entire shore now this is all we see. 

As I was got there there were so many people looking for large pieces, some even had bags!  Why?  Why do we have to destroy everything we touch?  This is not like seashells it does not replenish itself. 

I also walked down the coast a little and realized I did something completely idiotic, I left my SD card in my bag for my camera so these photos came from my phone. 

Nikki did an amazing job on my tattoo. I told her the story about the bear in Yosemite and asked her to add it into the design. I love it!

After she was super awesome and took me to this local bar to grab some drinks. We talked about the bioluminescence that was happening during that time and she told me a great place to go see it. Though my campsite closes its gates at 11 I was only able to wait until it got just dark enough to see it. It was very faint and just enough to make me chuckle in amazement.

280 miles

3500 Miles

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