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Day 12 Cold, wet, and miserable

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

So I spent two days in Fort Bragg since I got there the 10% chance of rain... yeah.  It was misting the entire time and did not even get into the 70s.  So leaving I was hoping the weather would break so I could get some pictures and enjoy the day, that didn't happen.  I ended up layering up with my leather and rain gear, and I was still cold.  I stopped at Redwood Harley Davidson to get a pair of leather gloves and rain boots.

I did not stop on the coast for pictures because of the heavy fog and cold weather.  I went up hwy 101 to 199.  Once I did get away from the coast I still could not get a break from the weather it went from 60 degrees to 99!  I stopped in Grants Pass for the night trying to see an old friend, but it didn’t work out.

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