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Day 13

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

I know it's been awhile and this is a back log but... After California I stopped in Grants pass at SunSet Inn, I wasn't able to meet up with the old friend that lives there.  From there I went to Golden, Oregon.  This was supposed to be a ghost town, I was a little disappointed as it was a historical point that the state has tried to  renovate to keep but it wasn't just an abandon ghost town. 

From Golden Stopped in to the Harley dealer in Portland to get a dealer pin and look for a long sleeve shirt to help cover my tattoo.  As I was talking to the cashier about the trip I asked if the Japanese garden/ Rose garden was worth the stop.  She told me to skip the Japanese garden but to definitely stop by the rose garden in Washington Park.  it was beautiful, The garden is above the city, walking down to it you have an amazing view of the city, but not a very clear view to get a good photo.  The garden had so many different roses, it was so beautiful and serene.

After being in the mountains with all the switch back and hair pin turns I was a bit stressed with driving, Portland is not the place to be stressed driving.  The hills are absolutely  crazy and I am so happy I do not live there cause I would not own a motorcycle if I did.  From Portland I stopped at Multnomah Falls and Rowena Crest Viewpoint before stopping for the night.

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