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Day 15-18

So it's been a few days.  I stayed in Banff for 3 nights.  The only thing I regret is having to drive to Calgary to have the bike serviced, which took the all day for day 14.

On day 15 I went to the Vermillion Lakes.  I met a local photographer named Neil there.  He was recording some footage of some loons he'd been following for awhile for a film.  I loved the idea he had and the story he told me about two baby loons being attacked by a hawk, one didn't make it.  I wish I could see that footage it sounded amazing.  He suggested that on my way up through the icefield parkway that I take Hwy 11, a less traveled road.

After lunch I went to lake Minnewaka.  This was the first time I'd ever seen turquoise water!  It was beautiful!  It was pretty over cast and to get the color of the water in the photo I had to keep waiting for the sun to break through the clouds.  It was so worth the time.

On day 19, I decided to head out of town towards Jasper.  I saw signs for Lake Louise along the road and around Banff.  I decided to stop, it was only 30 miles from Banff on the way towards Jasper.  I was so glad I did.  When you first get there the view is amazing!

There were several signs for trails.  I started going to the Glaciers but saw a sign for mirror lake, which I am completely a sucker for reflective water.  it was a HIKE up a huge incline.  half way there I'm thinking well damn I really wish I had some tennis shoes and well you're half way there you have to keep going.

Once I got to the mirror lake I saw a sign for Lake Agnes that was only 1/2 a mile away... it was a LONG half a mile up an even steeper incline up the mountain.

After that 3 or 4 mile hike I headed down the Icefield Pkwy.  Instead of going to Jasper I went down Hwy 11 along the Saskatchewan River.

I stopped to take a photo and as I was pulling off the road I saw this heard, anyone know what these are?  As I was walking down the road trying to get closer to them I couldn't find them.  After walking for a ways I crossed over the guardrail and ended up spooking them.  They ended up going down the road and crossing over the guardrail into the road and back over.  By that time I was back on my bike and got a short clip of it, I'm so glad I keep the GoPro mounted on the handle bar!

I stopped in Edmonton to get my front tire changed at Heritage Harley Davidson.  I had a bald spot and knew I was heading into rain.  Two wheels, always better safe then sorry!

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