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Day 9

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

I'm starting to mix up my days and having to think about what day it is.  I woke up early and packed up.  the night before I saw that it was supposed to be 100 degrees in the area and wanted to beat the heat.  I was heading for Eureka, the plan was to stop in Redding to  stomp around for a bit...

I went through Modesto and saw I was supposed to be getting on the highway going through Stockton... i wanted to avoid the highway for a bit so I took some back roads. I need up passing by these chairs sitting out near the road by some orchards. I thought I should stop and take some pictures but I kept going. Finally I was going through this residential area seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere, not much around. I was stopped at a stop sign and there was this boarded up building with three chairs setting out. I thought, that’s strange. I continue driving and I stopped and turned around, I had to get a picture.

by the time I got to Redding it was already 102, I didn't want to push that much so I stopped for an early day.  I stopped in at a restaurant in front of Thunderbird Lodge.  It was dead there.  Instead of continuing to bother the waitress with requests of more water I asked for the picture.  She asked if I was that thirsty when I told her I was heading to Hwy 1 she told me of several places to stop at, like the sea glass beach at Fort Bragg and an observatory in Crescent City.  So I will be back tracking to Fort Bragg tomorrow, from the sounds of it I may spend a few days working my way up the coast.

277 miles

3300 miles

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