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Days 18-23

After Edmonton I hit the road towards Niagara Falls.  There isn't much to see along the way, I did find a few offbeat attractions on Roadtrippers to help break up the drive.  I find this really helps, it's nice to set up shorter drives with some rest stops along the way.

My first stop after Edmonton, I won at LIFE.  in video games there is always a special something that programmers put into the game... I found it FOR REAL!  The worlds largest Easter egg resides in Vegreville, Alberta.

The next stop was the world largest border marker.  This marks the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan.  It really wasn't a convenient place to stop, it was located at a really busy intersection. 

I stopped at David Laird Campground in North Battleford for

the night before heading the worlds largest coffee pot in Davidson and to Winnipeg.

It seems as though I'd been fighting wet and cold weather from the time I left Edmonton.  I stopped in Dryer, Ontario to get out of the rain and warm up.  I met this fella as we were both leaving.  He was heading to Nova Scotia from Victoria.  We traveled together for the rest of the day.  We stopped in KaKabeka Falls for the night and shared a camp site.

  I told him I was heading to Wawa to see the goose.  I mentioned that I was stopping to see these odd attractions and he thought it was pretty neat and it was still on his way to his destination so we traveled together for that day two.  The entire day it poured.  We went 318 miles to Wawa, by the time we got there i was done.  I had been wringing out my gloves every stop  that we made because they were soaked, my rain gear held up though!  I got a hotel that night.

On the way to Wawa me and Kevin kept running into two other guys on motorcycles.  We ended up in the same hotel. They stopped by my room to see if I wanted a drink, so I hung out with them for the night. 

They were headed to Espanola, Ontario to catch a ferry.  We had breakfast in the morning and traveled that way.  I left Don and Tom there, though they tried to convince me to take the ferry with them to stop by Grand Bend first. 

I declined and headed to Sudbury to see the big nickel.  Unfortunately, I missed the turn and the roads were so rough in town I was not swinging back around.  By this time I also notice that my rear tire needed changed.  I started down to Barrie to get that changed, my back was hurting so bad I stopped 1 1/2 hours a way in Parry Sound for the night. I got to Barrie the next morning at 11.  I had planed on getting there by 9 but I stuck around the hotel waiting for the rain to stop.  Did I mention after 4 days of rain I'm ready to end this trip and just go home.  When I got to the Harley shop they told me it would be a few hours.  I told them I'd get it changed in Niagra Falls and left right after another down pour.  A mile away I was going to stop for lunch and was stopping at a light and my back tire started fish tailing, I have no idea how I came out of it without dropping my bike.  I took that as a sign and turned around and had Barrie Harley change the tire and brakes.  I stayed there for the night as the bike didn't get done until 3:00 pm and I really was tired of fighting the rain.

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