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Kansas City part II

Wakeeny Kansas is 312 miles from my destination today. Not wanting to arrive too early I check Roadtrippers to see if there is anything worth seeing. There was plenty that I wanted to stop at, but I'm on a schedule. I decide to stop at the World's Largest Czech Egg in Wilson Kansas. To compliment my photo of the world's largest Easter Egg from Canada.

Today was such a lovely ride! It was only 83 degrees, I had my vest and heated jacket on for most of the day. Traffic was light and besides a very large bug trying to posses my from my ear there were no issues.

It did take me a while to get to where towns where more developed for lunch choices. At on point I stopped at an Iron Skillet after getting gas. There were a bunch of motorcycles parked in the front so I figured what the heck. I parked Jack and a guy comes out and walks past me and starts talking. He saw the NC plates and asked if I was headed out to Sturgis. I told him I was heading back from Wyoming. He tells me the place has one waitress and there will be a LONG wait (he went to the store twice before getting a drink). I thanked him and told him I didn't have that much time. Off we go again in search of sustenance. I drove for another hour and a half before finally stopping. While having lunch I send LA a message with an updated time for my arrival.

As I pull in Brenda opens the garage for me to park Jack in before going back to work. I am greeted with a hug from LA who is also working from home today. They are dressed very dapper for our photoshoot later on.

We order dinner from Jerusalem Cafe before everyone arrives. As everyone is showing up I I am so very excited and grateful to these awesome individuals for taking part in this project. Thank you all, I wish I had more time to spend with all of you.

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Lynn Oliver
Lynn Oliver
Mar 06, 2022

Theresa, I am so happy you got to spend time with my beloved sissie, LA. Thank you for making her a part of your presentation.

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