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Econolodge in Lexington Nebraska... I was not impressed. My AC did not work, the floor feels gummy, and the showers have nothing in them to prevent slipping. Why are the showers so slippery? I almost fell getting in.

So after the bee sting yesterday I guess I left my gloves on my saddlebags and took off or something cause they are gone. I also lost my wireless earbuds when I opened up my vest to let whatever demon was trying to posses me via my rib cage. They were in my inside vest pocket and I watched them hit the ground on the very busy highway. I stopped by Walmart to pick up a replacement pair; having a small grape is hard people. They do not fit in my ears very comfortably. I was checking out Wyoming and there is very little there so I will be on the search for a new pair here and there. I should have put a sound bar on Jack. Maybe he'll get one for Christmas.

The cross winds going across Nebraska were pretty strong so lots of leaning all day. I stopped by the Harley shop in Cheyenne Wyoming for fingerless gloves. Thier selection was very limited, so onward to Laramie.

I get to Laramie around 2:30 pm. My Aunt and Uncle are there, they've been taking care of my grandmother for a few weeks now. It was really nice to visit for a few days. I haven't seen my grandmother in three years and it has been 11 years for my aunt and uncle. I also realized I've never actually spent time with them so it was a nice visit.

On Saturday my Aunt and Uncle took me up to the snowy range in Medicine Bow National Park. It was a pretty wet day and I only snapped a few pictures

On Sunday one of Grandma's friends won tickets to the Frontier Days Rodeo and asked me if I'd like to go. I've never been so this should be exciting. And it was!

The last day I was there my cousin even came for a visit! It is always nice seeing my twin. I wish I had more to visit but I must be on my way back to Kansas City for a photoshoot with LA and some others that I am looking forward to meeting. For now goodbye Wyoming.

My uncle mentioned that US 70 is a nice ride. I've only ever traveled on I 80 through Nebraska and it looks like there are more KOA camps on his route so I decide to head through Kansas

After leaving I got 10 miles down the road before Jack threw an indicator light at me. I pulled over and checked everything. All looks good. I turn him back on no indicator, head back down the road. No good indicator light. I turn him off and look up how to run the diagnostic log. It shows my front brake lever is sticking. I push the lever out and light goes off. I've had this issue before just need some WD-40. But the closest gas station is 50 miles away. The issue doesn't affect how the bike drives but does show the brakes constantly on. I decide to go to the gas station instead of turning back. Luckily the station had one can of what I need. I grab my tool roll out of my bag and take off my brake lever and spray down the switch. The gasket around it looks like it could be replaced. Considering this is the second time in three months I've had to do this I may look at a replacement while I am in Michigan. Close Jack all up and he is good as new. And we are off again.

After getting out of traffic in Denver the ride was amazing. 85 degree day with little cloud coverage, wonderful. The mountain range through Colorado is beautiful. No stop to stop for pictures though, I have 425 miles to travel with half the day gone.

Never traveling through Colorado or Kansas I didn't know what to expect, what I didn't expect was not to have a gas station for 60 miles 😳. I realized that Jack is 9 years old now and has taken me on some pretty special adventures with very little trouble. As I am having a pucker moment and wondering how far I will have to walk when I run out of gas I start to talk to Jack and stroke his gas tank. He is amazing, we made it on fumes to the gas station in Limon, Colorado. I will not be making that mistake again. I will also make sure to pack my extra fule bottle on my next trip for these occasions.

Throughout the day my eyes seem to be burning some. I can only assume it is from the smoke that is drifting this way from fires in Oregon.

At 7:40 we make it to Wakeeny, Kansas for the night. I quickly set up camp and walk to the subway for some dinner.

My night itinerary is eat, shower, laundry and some much needed time on the phone with my wife.

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