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Day 5

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Had a bit of a bad day today.  I got a late start, I left at 10:00 am. My Uncle told me that the Medicine Bow National Forest was really beautiful so instead of heading up to Yellowstone right away I took Hwy 130 through there, it added at least 100 miles to the trip but SO worth it.

Heading to Yellowstone it was 99 degrees, even with sunblock, SPF 100, I got burnt even more.  I stopped for gas and lunch at this scary place and played a game of war with a kid that was in the bar.

As I was driving to Yellowstone the landscape got greener and the temperature got cooler. It was getting a little late in the day when I came around a curve and was hit with the most beautiful site, the Grand Tetons. The scene took my breath away, I could not wait to get there.

Though I didn't make it to Yellowstone I did make it to Grand Teton National Forest which is directly south of Yellowstone.  I had looked up an off beat attraction which was down a dirt road. new rule for this trip... no more dirt roads, I dropped my bike.  I came to a section that had a steep hill with a lot of bumps in it.   I was leery to go down it, but I wasn't in a position to turn around.  I tried taking it slow walking it down brake, slide, brake, slide, break, slide and slide some more and down goes the bike.  No I did not get it on video, it fell to the right and was leaking fuel.  I took my bag off the back and was able to lift it by my self, which was really good because I had dropped my admission receipt at the entrance of the road, at least 2 miles back, so I had no numbers to call anyone.  I'm in a hotel for the night after that to try to rest my back for the day tomorrow.

Grand Tetons

360 Miles

Day 5 over 1800 Miles

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