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Updated: Feb 11, 2019

I wanted to take this journey as a way to recharge, I just finished 6 years of school and this is a way to recharge.  The plan is to go see some beautiful sights that I've never been to, and like the title says have bike and camera will travel.  I hope you all enjoy the journey with me and the photos.

Trip Itinerary

I started from McBain Michigan on July 6th, 2018. Going through the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) to start the trip out right with the amazing site of the Mackinac Bridge. The U.P. is a charming place to travel to even for a weekend trip, lots of camping small towns and beautiful sites of the Great Lakes. I take the long way around to Yellowstone National Park to stop in and see my Grandmother in Laramie Wyoming. From Yellowstone, I will head down to Lake Tahoe before visiting Yosemite National Park.

I was told By a friend that Hwy 1 up the California coast was a beautiful ride, so I added that to the trip before heading up to Banff National Park In Alberta Canada. From Banff, the plan is to head up to Jasper and swing through Edmonton. On the way to Grand Bend Ontario to go skydiving.

Now, most maps want to take me back into the United States to get to Grand Bend in Ontario but I’ve never traveled through Canada, and I really want to check it out. In order to route my trip, I add some offbeat attractions along the route, this also allows me to create stops along the way to rest for a few mins.

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